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Our Practice Areas.

We can help you prepare for the future, provide for your loved ones and protect against claims upon your partner, children or lineage by providing for tax efficient testamentary trusts in your Will. We can also advise you on your family property structure, any grant of Enduring Power of Attorney or the making of medical anticipatory directions

We offer professional and friendly property conveyancing services at very competitive rates. You can trust the purchase or sale of your most precious assets to our legal team who will ensure that everything goes smoothly. If however complications do arise, we have the legal skills and knowledge to protect your interests and help you through to the completion of the transaction.

We have a registered migration agent who is available to assist you to come, stay or work in and migrate to Australia.

In appropriate cases, we will agree to take on your matter, on a ‘no win no fee basis’.

We offer an efficient and effective debt recovery service where we will pursue the recovery of your debts from the letter of demand, to the commencement of legal action, to the lawful seizure of assets or property and liquidation.

We have over 20 years experience in conveyancing throughout Australia and are now able to offer our legal professional services to you at competitive rates in the Darwin and Palmerston region of the Northern Territory of Australia.

You can trust us as experienced lawyers to safely and efficiently handle your conveyance. Even in the event that things go wrong, we have the qualifications and experience to quickly resolve any dispute and protect your interests.

Between June and December 2018, we will provide residential property conveyancing services to sellers and buyers who click on the Facebook Like button to the right of this page, for a discounted professional fee of $1,200.00 plus Disbursements and GST. We estimate that in most residential cases, the discount will mean that the seller or buyer will pay under $1,600.00 all in, which represents a discount of around $110.00 on average off our normal rate. This offer is also open to buyers of DHA and Off the Plan properties.

This offer is for standard conveyancing services for sellers and buyers of residential properties around Darwin and Palmerston and does not cover any dispute, conflict or extraordinary complications which may arise. The professional fee excludes Disbursement (telephone, facsimiles, postage, photocopying, and out of pocket expenses) and GST.

We can help

Facing a criminal offence in court can be a daunting and devastating experience. Without professional legal advocacy, you could risk your future, your earning-capacity and your freedom. Every case is unique and we are committed to achieving the best outcome for our clients.

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We defend cases in all areas of Commonwealth and Northern Territory criminal law, including:

  • Traffic offences (drink driving, speeding, driving dangerously)
  • Drug offences (possess, supply, traffic, import)
  • Violent offences (assault, wounding, DVOs, murder/manslaughter)
  • Sexual offences (rape, indecent assault)
  • Property offences (burglary, robbery, property damage, trespass)
  • Fraud (stealing, forgery and false documents, social security fraud)
  • Crimes with an international dimension (trafficking, money laundering)

We provide professional and responsible advice as to your prospects of success, and we will prepare and present your case in court in its best light at all stages of proceedings, including sentencing, committal proceedings, summary hearings and jury trials.

Migrating to Australia 


The Northern Territory of Australia gives you a better chance. If you have a skilled occupation that is in demand in the NT and you would like to migrate, the NT Government may be interested in nominating you to support your visa application under one of the nominated general skilled migration visa subclasses such as 489 or 190. Contact us. We can assist.

Whether you wish to visit, stay, study, work or migrate to Australia under the skilled or business visa migration programs or  whether you are an Australian resident seeking to bring a parent, child, dependent relative, partner or spouse into Australia, we can help you through some of the strictest and most complex border control laws in the world.

  Migration law is a complex, constantly changing area of law and requires detailed knowledge of and experience in applying for the many different categories of permanent, temporary, business, family and bridging visas and in meeting their respective processes and criteria. Click to see Visa Listing.

At Jude Lawyers our migration agent has all the boxes ticked. Contact us today if you need help to apply for a visa, challenge a decision or have any other migration related issue.

We provide assistance in all categories of visas including:

  •  Business and skilled visas,
  •  Work visas,
  •  Parent and relative visas,
  •  Partner (including same sex) visas,
  •  Student visas,
  •  Refugee and protection visas.

Give us a call today to find out how our professional and friendly migration agent can help you.

Eric Withnall, 
Solicitor and Migration Agent
MARN 1800188
Member of the Migration Institute of Australia

Click: Registered Migration Agent Code of Conduct 


When a relationship or marriage breaks down we face not only having to separate our intimate and emotional life with the other but also to divide the custody of any children of the relationship and the property once shared. This can be a very difficult and confusing time.

At Jude Lawyers we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through your separation. We can give you advice on your legal rights and obligations, your entitlements and how best to secure them. Even though your partner may have businesses, property, shares, Superannuation or bank accounts held solely in his/her name, you may still have a right to part of those assets by reason of your contribution to the relationship.  We can help you assess your entitlements.

Although the best way to resolve matters may be through discussion, negotiation, exploration of compromise, mediation, and settlement, if Court proceedings are necessary, we can prepare your case and appear for you.

We are available to assist you at each step of the way and will vigorously assert and defend your rights and entitlements.


Before approaching the Family Court, both separating parents are normally required to have attempted resolution through mediation. If the parties are able to reach agreement regarding the children, they may enter into either a Parenting Plan or seek to have their agreement made into Court orders known as Consent Orders.  Parenting plans are essentially voluntary written agreements between the parties. While they are not legally enforceable, they may be persuasive when the agreement breaks down and a Court is asked to make legally binding orders concerning the children.  On the other hand Consent Orders made by a Court are legally enforceable and binding on the parties.

If separating parents cannot agree on what to do with the children, either party may apply to the Court for legally binding orders. In such case the Court has to consider a number of prescribed factorsincluding two primary considerations:

  • the benefit to the child of having a meaningful relationship with both of the child’s parents; and
  • the need to protect the child from physical or psychological harm from being subjected to, or exposed to, abuse, neglect or family violence

Of the two primary considerations, greater weight is given to the consideration to protect the child.

Grandparents may successfully apply to the Family Court for access to their grandchildren even against the wishes of parents.

We have the experience, skills and knowledge to assist  you.

Please contact us.  We are here to serve you and your legal interests.

-Personal Injuries include diseases, fatal, prenatal, psychological and physical injuries and the aggravation, exacerbation or acceleration of a pre-existing injury

We provide Services in the following areas:

Workplace / Workers Compensation Claims
Motor Vehicle Claims
Comcare (Commonwealth/Agency employees/ADF members)
Military Law (Veteran’s Entitlements / Comcare / MRCA / Sexual Abuse)
Medical Law
Asbestos dust and diseases
Public Liability
General Personal Injury / Common Law Compensation

Compensation can include:

A Lump sum to compensate for an assessment of percentage of whole person permanent impairment
Weekly payments for loss of income
Payments for Medical and associated expenses
Payments for Personal care attendant expenses
Payments for building access renovations and adaptive equipment
Rehabilitation and return to work associated schemes

Commercial Legal Advice
With our focus on you achieving your goals, we advise on all forms of commercial agreements, contracts, deeds and trusts and can help you minimize risk, avoid problems, negotiate, and represent you to resolve disputes should they arise. Our lawyers are experienced in drafting and assessing legal instruments and have provided advice to both government and the private and corporate sectors. Buying, selling, importing, exporting, leasing, lending, hiring, securing – we will explain your rights, obligations, costs, time lines, contingencies and where there is a problem, provide possible commercial solutions with minimal risk.

Commercial Disputes
In most cases, commercial disputes may be resolved through negotiation and compromise. Where however action needs to be taken, our highly skilled and responsive lawyers are always ready to appropriately escalate matters and commence legal action. In litigation, we are a battle hardened team. From the local tribunals to the Australian High Court, we have the knowledge and experience to represent you.

Commercial Areas in which we practice include:

  • Acquisitions, Dispositions, Tenders & Probity
  • Administrative & Government Law
  • Building & Construction
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Contract
  • Corporations Law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Employment & Industrial Relations
  • Freedom of Information & Privacy
  • Information Technology & Intellectual Property
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Company Wind Ups
  • Insurance
  • Taxation
  • Trade Practices
  • Trusts & Complex Wills


  • Acquisitions, Dispositions, Tenders & Probity
  • Administrative & Government Law
  • Building & Construction
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Contract
  • Corporations Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Defamation
  • Employment & Industrial Relations
  • Family Law
  • Freedom of Information & Privacy
  • Human Rights & Equal Opportunity
  • Information Technology & Intellectual Property
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Company Wind Ups
  • Insurance
  • Personal Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle & Industrial Accidents
  • Migration
  • Property & Conveyancing
  • Trade Practices
  • Traffic and Other Regulatory Offences
  • Trusts, Wills & Probate
  • Veterans Entitlements
  • Workers Compensation